Copyright - DIY

peut être utile aux créateurs sur le web et aux profs

This is an introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and more specifically to Copyrights. This course is not intended to be an academic course but rather a practical introduction for anyone who creates original materials or who uses, reuses, mixes, adapts and mashes original materials that were created by others. This course is therefore useful for teachers and course creators, students, professionals who are working in creative jobs, artists, directors, web designers and writers, musicians, composers and video makers. In brief, everyone who creates and consumes original digital and analogue materials and who wants to know more about their rights and duties as a creator or user of original content materials. This is not intended to be a comprehensive academic course but rather a short practice driven learning experience. It is also not a course for legal professionals, but the course cannot avoid discussing legal aspects.

Assessment for learning in practice

pour les profs:

In this MOOC you can learn what formative assessment is and how formative assessment can contribute to the learning of your pupils or students.

Designing Online Courses with the 7Cs Framework

cours de design pour créateurs et profs

You will find a series of activities to guide you through the learning design process. If you want to complete all the activities, you will need 2-3 hours per week.

Lisbon and the Sea: A story of Arrivals and Departures

le coin portugais

Set at the mouth of the Tagus river, the city of Lisbon has been a place of multiple cultural encounters and crossed influences ever since its early foundation. Different ethnic and religious communities have coexisted throughout the centuries in the city, which has been the capital of Portugal since the XIIIth century. Many different peoples from all corners of the World have arrived to or departed from Lisbon. The echo of their knowledge, experiences and customs have long remained reflected in Portuguese history and culture. But Lisbon has also been a point of departure and a place of arrival for many Portuguese who for many reasons have crossed the seas and left their mark all over the world. In this course we will focus on the history of Lisbon from this perspective.


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